Immigration Reform


MISSION: To make all immigrants welcome and safe in Racine County and everywhere in our country.

Nationally we collaborate with the Gamaliel Foundation's Civil Rights of Immigrants (CRI) initiative to push for comprehensive immigration reform. Our leaders participated in the CRI retreat and the WISDOM Immigration Table in order to coordinate our efforts with other reform movements. We have met with Congressman Ryan and his staff on various occasions to push our vision for reform and have sponsored regular prayer vigils at his local office. Our leaders have also participated in prayer actions at Immigration Detention Centers in both Kenosha and Chicago and have joined people of faith in actions in Washington, DC.

We sponsored an educational know-your-rights forum for immigrants and joined the CUSH Immigration Task Force for an informational forum on the status and future of the immigration reform movement.

On the state level we continue to work for driver cards for the undocumented in Wisconsin. We have developed working relationships with a number of our state representatives. We will meet with the WISDOM Immigration Table right after the November election to determine our strategy with the newly elected representatives and we're hopeful that we will be successful in the next legislative session.

We received a public commitment from Mayor Dickert to develop an immigrant commission that will address local concerns of immigrants and are working with him to bring it to fruition.

As people of faith we are hard-wired to work for justice for immigrants! If you'd like to join us, contact the RIC office for meeting times.

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