Dare to Dream


MISSION: To empower and create assistance in building employability skills of youth from 14 -17 years of age.

RIC collaborated with the City of Racine and with an agency, A & S Unlimited Solutions, to initiate the Violence No More “Dare to Dream program. The new innovative program empowered and created assistance in building employability skills of youth from 14- 17 years of age. Many of the youth came from broken and impoverished homes. We connected with the youth internally and showed we truly cared about their success in life. Our youth were teen mother participants from group homes, shelters, high school students, and high school dropouts. One of the areas we initially addressed was the communication barriers that our youth face, as well as their confidence levels when interacting with professionals or people they see as more educated. This was an absolutely amazing experience as many of the youth began to come out of their shy shells and blossom. This event truly demonstrated hope within our youth. Our special guests included: Rudy Collum of Gateway Technical College, Noel Cookman of SC Johnson, Brent Ogelsby of Dewey Rose Capital, Tom Turpin of Boy Scouts of America, and Judy Roebrick a Racine United School Nurse.

The final project “Yes I can Be an Entrepreneur” allowed students to build business plans providing students with a better understanding of entrepreneurship. While learning the areas within business development students also learned through the experiences of other business professionals with the city of Racine. This project allowed students to internalize business planning concepts, communications, and teamwork. Students closed the program off with presenting their business plans and a celebration at Old Country Buffet.

On September 11, 2010, youth and parents were invited to come to the Martin Luther King Center to hear real stories from Morris Horton, Gang Diversion Task Force, Sammy Rangel, Art Howell, and a Stonebridge consultant who led a workshop. After the stories and workshop, youth were invited to show their talents.

We would like to see this program continued by having more volunteers!

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