To address the root causes of social problems and lead to new ways of thinking and acting.

RIC is an organization of diverse Racine churches and faith communities formed to promote social justice, fairness and quality of life in Racine.


RIC aims at changing certain public or private policies and practices in order to bring about justice and fairness. RIC works with public officials and other persons of power to bring about change.

RIC's Sacred Ground Campaign, for instance, seeks to rid Racine areas of conditions which blight them and lower the quality of life.

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Each of RIC's member congregations forms a "core team" of its own members to function as a strong connecting link between its particular congregation and RIC Board of Directors.

Learn more about RIC Core Teams, Board of Directors, Member Congregations, Lead Organizers, Ministry Caucus, One-On-Ones, and Public Meetings.

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RIC developed from the work of GAMALIEL - an international foundation established to train leaders for building effective institutionally based power organizations.

WISDOM is an umbrella organization that coordinates state & national issues with RIC and its sister groups.

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